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Strother Family History

Years ago my daughter, Dani, was asked to prepare a report on her heritage. This was perplexing since she was going to school with children of various cultural and/or ethnic backgrounds and our family was just plain old White folk. I told her that she was American and that there were traces of her name throughout American history. Recently, I came across information to support this claim. The Strother family began in the USA in the mid-1600's with the arrival of William (The Immigrant) Strother.

First of all, I want to give credit and thanks to my cousin Larry E. Strother and his daughter Angie who together provide the information shown here. Thanks cousins!!

1627 to Today

Primary Descendant Siblings
William (The Immigrant); 1627(?1630) - 1702; m. Dorothy Savage  
Robert; 1680 - 1735; m. Elizabeth Berry William, Jeremiah, James, Benjamin, Joseph
James; 1720 - 1778; m. Martha French John, Robert, Enoch, Priscilla Elizabeth
Reuben; 1745(?1777) - 1837; m. Susannah Bartlett James, Jeremiah, Benjamin
Jhomas B; 1779 - 1855; m. Jane Sarah, Nancy Ann, Ann, Susannah, Charlotte, French, John, Mary "Polly", William, Lucinda, Betsy, Reube
Thomas, Jr.; 1810 - 1874; m Elizabeth Crook Sanford, John, Reuben, Elizabeth, Reuben
William Loudin; 1854 - 1891; m.Cordelia Kezia Root James L, Victoria L, Amanda J, Margaret F, Sarah C, Frances M, Benjamin
James Matthew; 1878-1972; m Bertha Utter Albert B, Bertha I, Charles Willoughby, Lucy May, Emma Belle, Daisie
James Matthew, Jr; 1923 - 2011; m. Sarah Alzora McClung m. Cloris Knapp Raymond Snowden, Nellie, Beulah, Willard, Velma
Thomas F; 1948 - ; m. Kathleen M. Musty; m. Melissa A. Hauck Kling Beverly
Rebecca Danielle; b. 1988 - 2016. Stephanie Nicole; b. 1989