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Welcome to Our Mountain Dulcimer Pages.

The Mountain Dulcimer, a.k.a. Fretted Dulcimer, Appalachian Dulcimer, Hog Fiddle, Duckslammer, Dulciwhacker, etc. has been a great pleasure and hobby of ours. There are many around the country and world that enjoy the music and pleasure it has to offer.

Check out our CD, "March in Ohio." Yes, it's available HERE.

We now have written a book especially for beginners.  HERE.

The dulcimer community has come together in a great chat group called Everything Dulcimer that boasts of 1500 members.

Although far from complete, we have included some of our favorite
web links that are related to the Mountain Dulcimer. We trust these will be of some use. Eventually we hope to expand this list and/or categorize it for your convenience.

Trying to choose new strings for your dulcimer? Take a peek at this page - String Choice.

Looking for a particular chord? Check out the Chord Wizard!!

Everything Dulcimer Group at OVG


Pictures from OVG 2007