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This Chord Wizard provides tools for playing various chords on the mountain dulcimer. Two sections are provided: the first section, Fret Choice,  allows you to input a known chord while the second section, Chord Finder, allows you to enter 1 to 4 notes of an unknown chord. Both sections will then display possible fret positions to play the chord; either partially or completely.

If you are in doubt about using this Wizard, please take a look at our tutorial - Wizard Tutorial.

Chromatic Tuning

Dulcimer Tuning

First establish the tuning of your dulcimer:  


Middle Melody

Fret Choice

  • Select the chord you want to play by first selecting the root note then select a chord type in one of the chord groupings.
  • Once you have selected a chord, click on Fret Choice to display the chord fingering possibilities.

    Note: If you want to select an Extended Chord or Obscure Chord, you must first select '---' under Major Chords.

Select One


Notes in this chord:

Note 1 Note 2 Note 3 Note 4
The possible fret choices for the chosen chord are displayed below. 
0 1 1+ 2 3 4 5 6 6+ 7 8 8+ 9 10 11 12 13 13+ 14 15 15+ 16 17

Chord Finder

Select 1 to 4 of the notes in an unknown chord below in order of 1st, 2nd, 3rd then 4th. Select '---' if the 4th, 3rd, or 2nd notes of the chord are unknown. Click on Find Chords to determine all possible  chords containing your selection(s).
  1st Note 2nd Note 3rd Note 4th Note  
Select Notes:
Below are all possible chords containing the notes above. If you want to display the possible fingerings for a chord, select a chord in one of the groupings, then click on Fret Choice. The possible fingerings will be displayed on the fret board above Chord Finder.

Major Chords

Extended Chords Obscure Chords  
Possible Chords: